The Way Back Home


The way back home is not easy, for the world is one big lure. The heart’s voice is covered by the din and distractions coming from the media. Facebook is false, empty of anything but the con. Lest you believe in it, we hasten to say that you are better off without it.

Look outside your window and know that nature has its own way of disseminating information. It is not wired.

Look in your mind and watch the rats scurry away when the light of awareness reaches them. This is not too strong a description.

The wind is shaking the leaves on the tulip poplar. Your emotions shake you in the same way. Everything is vibrating and some vibes are high and some are low. You feel them mechanically and by the end of the day, your natural energy has been sapped by them.

Angels are around you at all times. Their job is discreet, unlike the media.

Their winged presence hovers like hummingbirds at a feeder. Open your heart to them.

Look down on earth,
look up at heaven.
Angels are the godly leaven.

Be still and hold your heart
in peace and know that
love will never cease.

Obey the angels bringing light
and everything will be all right.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. My grandmothers taught me about the angels and they have never
    left me,. The angels and the grandmothers are near and dear..


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