Send in the Angels


Send in the angels
dangerously close.
Send in the Father,
the Son and the Ghost.
Send in the troops
of loved ones now gone.
Send in the heart
standing stripped all alone.

Receiver, bow low now,
opening wide to the
answered prayers
waiting right here inside.

O angels and lovers and
musical healing,
I bow to the comforting
presence I’m feeling.

Once felt and inhaled,
the spirit’s bright veil
falls around me and
seems to resound in me.

Send out the message
that all is now well.
Descend now, dear angels
right down into hell.
The fires licking fiercely
at those trapped below
will turn to pure healing
as if they all know.

Know that calling the angels
is done in the heart and
healing is wanting the hells
to depart.
I know now, I know now.
I forget all too soon.
I pray now, I pray now
the way to the room where
the last supper is held on
an ongoing basis and all
are held up by the angels’

Vicki Woodyard

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