Beyond Facebook

May 31, 2014
This is my last writing for the month of May. I don’t know where it went, but as Leonard Cohen says, it should get a ticket for speeding.

I am writing to you from my website. I will make a confession. I have a dear friend who has recommended that I drop the veil between myself and the world from time to time. This marks the difference between the outer material world and the sacred space within each of us.

Perhaps I am too eager to share indiscriminately and this privacy is for those of you who truly benefit from and enjoy what I write from the heart.

This is no head trip that we are on, this journey back to the bloody battleground of the heart. It is fraught with heartache, disappointment and confusion. We do our best and it is never good enough for this world or the world for it.

So we begin to hear the higher messages telling us to never give up hope of heaven. That it is within us now and we must share the good news. But not mechanically. Then we are just another Jehovah’s Witness knocking at your door.

I was reading Billy Crystal’s autobiography. I really enjoyed it. His manager gave him a bit of advice. “Always leave a tip,” he said after Crystal came offstage. Billy didn’t know what he meant. “Leave a little something of yourself with the audience,” he said. And so Billy began to do that.

I feel that sets my writing apart from that of most spiritual writers. I don’t write “generic.’ I leave everything I have and so this is my tip for today. My confession that the veil is here for a reason. Facebook can’t have me lock, stock and barrel. I go through them but not for them. And that makes a huge difference.

Love, Vicki

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  1. Where’s the like button? Kidding, but it is a a few extra steps to comment here. I understand your reasons, somewhat at least. Problem fir net us I don’t want one more email. I keep unsubscribing, and still the please for donations pour in from dozens of good causes. Just saying there is no perfect solution, but I wish you well here.


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