A Facebook Break

Once a man who liked my writing insisted on coming to meet me. He sat with me for several hours and towards the end of that time, I went and got a book written by David Whyte, The House of Belonging. I read a poem and the man broke down and wept. That is why he came to see me. Not for my words, but for the cleansing silence that followed the tears.

After he left and I went to bed, 3 transformers blew and we were without power for hours. He had called me after he left and said, “You really ARE a transmitter.” And so it is. But strangely, he wanted nothing further to do with me. It was too much.

I am not a spiritual teacher. I am a writer and a student of the Way. Anyone expecting me to teach via spoken words to them will be off course. Silence seems to be what works in my case. The strength of something beyond my ego and the person whom I am with.

My losses have opened up a chasm between me and the social world. I can’t remain in it for very long. I cling to writers like Irina Tweedie and Lizelle Reymonde, who learned that silence is pure gold.

On the human level, I am devastatingly alone. My son lives with me and he is silence itself. We have been stripped to the bone twice and find that nothing works for very long. All fixes are temporary.

Out of silence I arise. Into silence I return. Coming and going, I am alone with the Alone. At times that is hard to tolerate. At other times the peace rings around me in concentric circles and I accept the sorrows that have been given me this lifetime.

I am off of Facebook for a while. I am enjoying a break. This Note is not for everyone and that’s okay.



  1. We meet in the golden silence alone. Love you Vickie and enjoy your break. FB is fast becoming an unnecessary space..


  2. I feel and enjoy and often just ‘crave’ silence myself. I have one person who walks in the trees with me and who understands about silence and neither of us feels any pressure or need to talk…unless we want to now and then. I feel what you say in this write. I also find it’s a bit cyclical for me. Periodically I need more silent time then maybe at others, for instance, when seasons change. Many of my neighbors feel that way too but we come out some evenings to hike around the community and wave and say Hi! I think most people need a good share of silence but are bound my circumstance or social pressure or…..something! Unplugging from email and so forth counts too – sometimes even that’s too noisy! 🙂 Love you..♥


    1. It’s important for me to reconnect with people on my website, which I have ignored for some time. Perhaps it’s quieter here than on Facebook. Or maybe it’s just that if someone takes the time to click on the link to my site, they are willing to quiet down a bit more and just be. I read all of the comments even if I don’t always respond. There is a resonance happening….


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