What would make you truly happy?

Dear Angels,

I am so restless and unhappy. All egos are, at root. What can be done about this endless dissatisfaction that we all feel and deny feeling?

You have tried to do different things about it and none of them work for very long. What if you allowed the restless dissatisfaction to be governed by God?

What if He said to you, and He does, they that wait on God shall renew their strength?

I would wonder how to wait and how long I had to wait!

There is no answer to such a question. Instead ask your ego this. What would truly make you happy?

And I would say that I would be truly happy if God told me where to live and where to find lasting love on this impermanent little orb.

God says that His kingdom is not of this world and that lasting love can only be found within yourself.

I don’t have any love when I am alone.

Oh, but you are never alone. You and God are inseparable.

I miss my husband every day.

And I say to you, “Lo, I am with you always.” And so is your husband.

This day shall you be with Me in paradise.

And now I begin to feel better after typing these words.


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