The Manna of the Moment

Dear Angels,

I feel so sad. This lifetime is not long enough to forget the loss of my child and husband. My son and I share this burden of grief and no one can understand it. For some reason, I was happier when Leonard Cohen was touring. He gives me such happiness.

“Dear Vicki,

We hear your sorrow and we know it has deepened your soul dramatically. For our purposes, you serve as a searchlight over troubled waters. You are the person that gives benediction to the bereaved. You endorse their losses because you know that love suffers for the beloved.

Joy is a by-product and not something to feel you “must have.” Instead, ask continually how you might be of service to us. No honest offering to the angels by humans ever goes unnoticed.

Someone at this very moment is in need of reading your words. Including you.”

So I write on. Here is my message to anyone reading this who feels less than…on any level at all. Your subconscious mind holds the key to permanent change, not your ego. And your subconscious is hungry and thirsty for real food. That would be the manna of the moment. Each moment, sanctified by your presence, is reason to live the next moment and the next.

Live like there is no tomorrow so you can enjoy the fruits of this moment.


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  1. Manna of the moment, oh the truth is presence.. Beautifully inspiring and this message is coming to me in many ways.. Th angels of The Lord are speaking! Thank you Vicki…


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