Always Something….

May 26
I heard a baby hawk in my chimney flue and was afraid it would fall right down into the fireplace. I got my iPad camera and went out on the deck. I saw the 2 parent hawks flying away. And when I came back in the house, the bird noises in the chimney had ceased. I am not sure what happened.

I drove to the library and parked beside a car with this license plate: GA JHAWKS. That was a bit of synchronicity. I saw the hawks soaring in the neighborhood but we haven’t managed to get a picture of them. Hopefully, one will light on the deck railing and be still enough to get some good shots.

I watched Brian Cranston on Charlie Rose. It was a delightful interview. Cranston doesn’t act for the money; that is clear. Just as I don’t write for it. He makes it. I don’t. But neither of us work for it. You have a passion or you don’t. If you are lucky enough to have one, it has you.

The kingdom that is not of this world is not about money or fame. It is about wholeheartedness. The ego would have none of that. It’s business is the bottom line and we are all guilty of caring too much about that.

Rob and I got a burger out last night. Got a free piece of chocolate turtle cheesecake. Oh, my, it was good. The tree man is coming to give me an estimate but a thunderstorm is brewing. It’s always something….

Writing on my website drops a veil between me and Facebook, as I have said. Everyone is welcome but the few click the link to the blog. I don’t care what happens one way or the other. I have spent too much time in the public scrutiny of Facebook. I will use it instead of it using me.

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