True Love Ways

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll

Dear Angels,

Why is it that sex, etc. sells and truth trails far behind?

Well, Vicki, it’s like this. Human beings are far more into doing than being. You might as well smile about that and do what you do best.

And what is that?

You dig peace. You write peace and you grow crops of peace in abundance. You used to be a stickler and a perfectionist. Actually, you still are. (Permit us a little joke here.) But in your writing, you let go and sail on a sea of peace.

You may write of sorrow but it is a peaceful writing that arises.

I watched The Buddy Holly Story last night and he was such a bright star. Why did he leave so soon?

Some are here to blast a hole in consciousness, personal or public. He accomplished that. His songs are so deep and true. Listen to True Love Ways.

I did and I wept.

Just so. The angels know their business and it isn’t sex, drugs, rock and roll. But the human nature is to want stimulation and variety, so take a moment to dance. You can skip the stimulants if you like, but dance on. It is a beautiful thing for us to see human beings dance.

Listen to this moving song by Buddy Holly.

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