A bit of advice for a friend….

The way of Tao is the way of fluidity at all times. To flow with pain is easier than to fight against it, thus creating an artificial division.

The mind wants to make war against its enemy. It eats itself up in the very attempt. Such is the nature of the opposites.

True forgiveness arises of itself when we see how our own minds turn on themselves. That is because the mind is a mirror. Turn away from the mirror, O Mind, and be empty of reflection.

Vernon Howard: Suffer consciously. Go through your day experiencing every useless emotion.

Work hard gathering energy when you have no problems.


  1. This is just great Vicki. I mean I am one who does work hard at/with every emotion. Thanks for reminding me to put the word ‘useless’ in there. :)) Not to mention, turning away from the mirror….yes! Appreciate…..xo


  2. Yes, it makes a huge difference. Keep writing dearest Vicki. Your writing is food for the broken and weary.


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