The Soul Revealed


Jewels are often hidden. Likewise, the soul drops its veil to protect itself from devouring wolves. We all know how this works. You think you know someone, you lift the veil and bang! The damage is immediate to your emotional body. “Beware” is never bad advice.

Esoteric Christianity is that which is hidden from churchgoing believers. Vernon Howard only taught to the few who could hear his message. The majority of people would be turned off by his yelling and pounding the desk. Of course, he knew this and that is why he refused to temper the message. He taught me more in a few years than anyone could have done.

His business was stripping away the False Self. When I was in high school, for some reason I became interested in restoring an old piece of furniture. So I paid a little bit of money for an old highchair covered in paint. I bought the suggested supplies and begin to return it to its natural state. Hard work. I gave up at some point.

In that same way, Vernon was showing us how we had covered over our True Selves with layers of emotionally protective reactions. But now they were killing us. It took his unflinching toughness to get the job done.

He has been gone since 1992 but he remains alive in the hearts of many people. And new people learn of his teachings now via YouTube. I don’t claim to carry on his message. I believe that I became a writer with my own phrasing. But I carry his uncompromising energy. A sort of take it or leave it style that keeps the jewels safe from superficial eyes. Eyes that don’t see, if you get my drift.

The soul knows its own and Vernon Howard’s teachings remind me of a Sufi saying: “I was a hidden treasure, longing to be known.” Paradox leads to enlightenment and nothing else. Anything else is one-sided and begging to be watered down. The truth stands alone above the level of the mind. It penetrates the heart and the great leap into the light is made at last.

Vicki Woodyard

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