I Should Move Closer To Myself

I should move closer to myself,
but I don’t think I am up to code.
Would probably have to redo
the plumbing.

I should repaint the front door
a bright red and line the mind
with sweet-smelling balsam.

I should invite the neighbors
in for tea with me,
That old renegade woman that
fires random shots at anyone
who sees her tender, tender heart.

Vicki Woodyard

One Comment

  1. Vicki, I think once for about 10 minutes I was up to code. Maybe twice and I moved closer to me. I’ve been visiting back and forth ever since when I have chance. And, then once, I painted my front door red and it brightly stood out in my extremely quiet, conservative then-neighborhood. Now I am still thinking about working on your last stanza — the ‘should invite’ one. :)) I am swearing I will get it done this summer. Wouldn’t that be something? And, I do stand a chance because, in this case, my neighbor is the renegade and she doesn’t scare ME! :))) xo


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