No Way Out

I write for those who know there is no way out. I don’t write for optimists or pessimists but for those that want to surrender but can’t.

Surrender is the highest place we can sink.

Sinking is not an acceptable thing to do in our culture.

Oh, we make noises about it. Celebrities sink over and over and endlessly apologize for it.

But to really sink into a lifetime of loss takes that whole lifetime.

My friend Peter knew there was no way out for him.

There is no way out for me.

I am okay with this.

What I am not okay with is people that snipe at me about not being more positive.

They can find reams of positive statements spewed all over the internet. Will it change them?

You tell me.

I am in Act III, right there with Leonard Cohen. He, God bless him, sings the truth and thousands upon thousands of people respond to his heart.

He knows.

I would say the “H” word but I will leave that to him.

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