Yesterday morning I was watching a YouTube video that a friend made. She was talking about tao, telling us to pay attention to flow, when suddenly I heard a huge thump, like a limb might have hit the roof. I looked out onto the back deck and two black vultures had swooped down onto it. They were fighting, their wingspan huge as they jumped up and down, their wings in a display. I was horrified. I called Rob to come look but in less than a minute they were gone.

I felt like it was a bad thing to see vultures fighting. But here is something I read online:

Native Americans also deemed the vulture as a symbol of renewal and linked it with renewal themes seen in the rising of a new sun every day. The Mayans had their ideas about bird symbolism. To the Mayan mind the vulture was observed as a death eater.

As a consumer of death, the Mayan felt the vulture could also convert death to life. So, the vulture was considered a symbol of cleansing , renewal and transformation. It’s also associated with water and the vulture controls the rain.

This connects that theme of spinning the revolving wheel of life. In their region, droughts were death and water meant life. Vultures were viewed as fearless of death – they stared it in the face and ate death for breakfast (literally).

So this morning I woke up suddenly. I had been having a wonderful dream. In it, a group of women were being treated to makeovers by a lovely tall young woman that I knew. The first thing she did was cut my hair and pronounce it beautiful. She was working on us quickly in a piecemeal way. Blocking in makeup but not blending it yet. Telling us to pick out a purse we liked. Indicating we could choose something beautiful to take home.

She told us we would select a stick and then speak, which is an American Indian thing.

Upstairs there were men working on hairdos. I asked if they knew if the building we were in had a name but they didn’t know. Out in the backyard, I looked up at the house where we were, it was a gold stucco finish and it was adjoined with an old brick shopping center.

The mood of the dream was total joy. The woman was love itself. Her sister and others were helping to remake us. I got a mani-pedi lying down and then got my teeth cleaned. When I got up, I felt a bit dizzy and they almost sent me home but I said, “I’m fine; it’s just a postural thing.”

Then suddenly I woke up wishing that the dream had finished. But this I know, it was a gift. Now I think the vultures preceded the makeover. Isn’t that cool?

Vicki Woodyard


  1. Vultures…reminds me of the Flight of the Condor.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_gSydN_BYM..the rebirthing…the haircut…the peddie all tie into something beyond mere appearances…deep connections of the spirit kind~ Reminded of Buddhism too, with the Tao and the majestic old buzzards fighting over morsels that may define otherworldly wordiness..i don’t know..what…do I look like i do? hehe Great real-time dream~!!!


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