That your joy might be made full….

bear the joy
Bear the Joy

Today I was doing some energy healing work when the phone rang. It was my cousin, calling to say that my first cousin was having a double mastectomy in the morning. So I found myself placing her in the white light as well.

After lunch I went to the grocery and drugstore to get some things I needed. It’s a beautiful clear day and I enjoyed being out and about. Once back home, I called my cousin and we were able to have a nice visit via the phone.

I told her to wait for the gift hidden in the experience and she liked that idea because now she is in full pro-active gear and needs all the “oomph” she can get. “Think of it as holding your hands together and inside is the gift. I think it is the gift of yourself,” I said.

She liked that idea and so do I.

Can we bear the joy of our own healing presence? How long can we sustain it? Maybe not for long, but I like the image of this heavy-duty bear enjoying the dance.

Cha cha cha.


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