Taking the Bus

Living a spiritual life isn’t easy for it requires daily death. Actually, moment by moment death. But this life is about impermanence and Christ said His kingdom was not of this world. So we are caught between a rock and a hard place. We want to be transcendent but we can’t. There is an X-factor that we are somehow constantly missing.

Take me. I woke up before daylight and lay there for a while. Then I got up and had some oatmeal and went back to bed. After all it’s a cold January morning and well, brrrrr. So as I lay there, my thoughts turned to Bob, his side of the bed still empty. But I talked softly to the empty space and I cried a bit. But this was a soft, accepting kind of grief. Once that was out of the way, then I could return to inner stillness.

I feel that a new chapter is beginning in my life, one that requires turning away from Facebook and its constant need for feedback. All of the Likes and Comments are wonderful, but they are coming from the human level. We must be always reaching for the higher.

Back to the X-factor. It is, of course, awareness. Awareness makes the world go round, for awareness is love. When our heads spin, it is because we are trying to drive the world around with our giant steering wheel of ego. Larry Gatlin said that, not me.

So just for today, I’m gonna take the bus….

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