Goodnight, Gracie….

This is such a weird feeling. I have been away from my blog for so long. For one reason, I need one that works better. But it is rather nice to get away from the roaring crowd of Facebook. It does a beautiful job of getting my message out, but that doesn’t mean it is the end-all and the be-all for writers like me.

You see, I write as led by the spirit. I am just the proverbial reed pipe. I have no idea why I decided to write another post this late in the day. I did just watch American Idol and I think that Harry Connick, Jr. is terrific. He is bright and funny and kind. Also has quite an ear.

My ear is for words. I live in the world of linearity where I have never quite fit. I am not such a good driver, map reader or measurement taker. But oh, my goodness, I know words and how to use them. Many times that has gotten me in trouble. My late husband suffered from my many verbal one-two punches. Now when I write about how much I still love him, hearts melt. For they know I speak the truth.

Here is a late-night message for all of you. Be kind to yourself for one day you will not be here in this body. If you are kind to yourself while on earth, just think of the joy you will find in heaven. And, by the way, you will be blessing others with your self-love. Your cup runneth over.

Goodnight, Gracie….


  1. It is so beautiful to read your shares on your blog. it is like listening to you in presence in your home. Such a beautiful message, vital and important in life, for this weary world looking for love everywhere. Thank You Dear Vicki. Your kindness, love guides, gives so much beyond words.. Love and Light back at ya, Nachi.


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