Morning Thoughts

I slept well last night. Today is the sixth day of fasting for me. For the most part, I am abstaining from Facebook, chocolate and coffee. What I find is that my energy is purer and quieter. I don’t know how long this will last; I am taking it one day at a time.

It is good to shake things up from time to time and January is always when more people look closely at their lives. “What is stealing energy from me?” “What truly supports me?” “What will cause new shoots of growth in me?’

I have had two dreams lately that were interesting. In one, I was looking into a mirror and saw brown stuff on my face. At first I thought it might be from a baked potato skin, but on closer inspection, it was leaves and I stripped them off my face.

Then a few nights later, I was at a woman’s house and she told us we could pick spinach from the tree in her front yard. So I went out and begin stripping long narrow leaves off the tree. But I needed to go back into the house and ask her for a bag because I had no container.

So perhaps vitality is an issue.

I hope to write a bit differently here than I do on Facebook. For one thing, I am typing directly into the blog post without putting it into a file on my Mac. Once I post it here, then I will copy it onto my hard drive.

That leads to an interesting question. What is worth saving?….I’ll “leave” you with that….



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