A Shining Light

The ego is a machine configured to protect you but it does the exact opposite. To see this does not get rid of the ego. Oh, no, ridding oneself of ego requires more humility than the ego has in its pocket.

Forget those who dispense instant enlightenment out of their mental gum ball machines. For most of us, going to the guru is just wishful thinking. And did I say that the ego is made up of wrong thoughts and feelings that keep us in the dungeon of the castle?

I bumped into a hard-assed guru that kicked us like a bully and then said if we didn’t come back for more, we were finished. I loved him.

He knew every tactic of the ego. He knew it wanted to be able to put a guru on a pedestal and thereby glorify its own reflection. It was said that he was a very kind man but his teaching tactics were what they were.

To this day I am trying to get onto my ego so I can get it to quit tailing me.

I see way off in the distance a shining light.

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