The Reach

I can only reach so far down or up physically. This goes for emotionally and mentally as well. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I do my best at things I am good at. The hard or boring stuff I tend to put aside. Or things I am afraid of.

That is one reason I write poetry. It can reach both higher and lower parts of the psyche. So here we go.

What is squeezing the life out of me?
My own expectations and fear of failure.
Boa constrictor.

What keeps my eyes closed?
Creepy crawly fears.

What makes me write my best stuff?

What am I avoiding?

Why do you avoid punishment?
It makes me feel so bad inside.

What is missing in your life?

Do you feel hopeless about
ever having a really close relationship?

Is that why you open your heart to your readers.

Do they feel much like you.

So your writing is intimate?

If God handed you a gift with your name on it, what would it be?
Surrender and that can’t be gift-wrapped.

Would it be possible for you to stretch just a little bit in order to receive the gift of surrender?

Well, alright then, the next thing that happens to you must be perceived and then received as a gift.

Yes, Okay. Five minutes later: Nothing happened.

Then receive your nothingness as a gift. Voila! Nothingness is free. P.S. Be sure and give it away to the next person who feels that a relationship with the Self is not “a really close relationship.”

Vicki Woodyard

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