Keep Up The Good Work

I am going to write this a bit differently, but just a bit. I have asked to hear what my higher Self has to say this morning.

What we have to say is that you are doing splendidly. Watching over you is easy because you so want to stay out of trouble. But you often place yourself in harm’s way for the quick thrill of it. You like to push the envelope with your writing. Sometimes you feel a sense of shame about doing that and use the Delete button. We would prefer you not do that. Sometimes we are sneaking in a truth quite ahead of what you would prefer to do. Shaking people up a bit is the way to make things happen faster. Things that you let appear on the screen may shock you but not the one meant to read them.

Your knack with words is quite amazing, honed by years of steady application of hands to keyboard. Bob assigned you this mission and is so proud of you for making a new life out of the old one. You know what recycling really means.

When it comes to your thoughts slowing down since you went to Amsterdam, that was indeed a week of deep letting go for you. What with moving at a faster clip, dealing with all sorts of new behaviors, like wearing your passport around your waist, we were able to penetrate your heart quite readily. We will not mention the man you went to see for you know that was transcendent.

What you don’t know is that you are the means by which freedom happens for you. No one else is responsible. Yes, you have done damage to those you love but mercy is yours as well as forgiveness. Do not think the years ahead of you will be lonely or unfruitful. You have seen a bit of what comes next for you when you follow your heart.

Your heart is quite simple. You are able to show readers how you live your life and they feel the grace in that. And the whole time you are muttering under your breath. That’s okay. We are on your side even when we seem to be pushing you. Sometimes you push yourself too hard and we would ask you to be a bit more lenient in your treatment of yourself. You are loved and protected. So let go and keep up the good work.

After I wrote this, I sat and read some of The Angelic Way by Rami Shapiro. Here are his words:

“God is not a static ‘I am,’ but a flowing ‘I will be’; not a fixed product, and the process is creative, unpredictable, always surprising. To say ‘The Father and I are one” is not to identify with a static state, but with a creative flow. God is creativity and all expressions of creativity. The nature of God is to create forever new forms, new options, new possibilities.”

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