Read Me On Facebook

Dear Readers,

I seldom post on my blog anymore, for a number of reasons. First off, I made a great mistake when I let my original website go. Some of you may remember it. It was called Nurturing the Now.

When Life With A Hole In It came out, I made a decision I thought would help sales of the book. I let someone design a new WordPress site for me. Then things got complicated and I had to move for a second time (this current WordPress site).

I was much happier being a webmaster when I built the site from the ground up. Now I hardly know my way around WordPress.

The upshot is that now it is much easier for me to get my message out on my Facebook Page.

I upload new material there daily.

Life With A Hole In It is still available on Of course, I make a few dollars more if you order it directly from the publisher. Here is that link:

Comments welcomed....