Being Life Itself

The answer to the secret of life is being life itself. Letting the motor hum and vibrate knowingly. Letting the mind muck up the works. Letting the body fall into disgrace, moon around eating plates of fudge that clog the arteries. Knowing that grace abounds and that you are teeming with grace.

You, the Ganges and the mighty Mississippi. You the Andes and the Rockies. You, the rivers and the oceans. You, the turmoil of the ages. You are the answer to the secret of life. Now, me I am sluggish and anxiety-ridden. I am the devil’s advocate. I am thought masquerading as life.

Thought has brought down the life-force to a barely perceptible hum. What happened to AUM! Boom! Boom! Nothing. It is still there running in the background like a computer program. We have just blocked access to it, as if it were spam.

What can be done to solve the riddles of the mind, the plaque of emotions clogging the universal heart? Nothing need or can be done. Only a knowing Self can join the throbbing, pulsing universal peace that wants to reign.

Kick out the demonic forces of negativity. Force them out. Burn their huts. Push them over the cliffs into the sea of blood.

I am at the end of this tirade. I am a seventy-year-old widow and bereaved parent. If I might allow myself this slight diversion, I ROCK!

Vicki Woodyard
Author, Life With A Hole In It

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