Cranky Jesus

I am seeing someone begin to announce himself as a spiritual teacher. I have lived long enough to know a few things. When we see someone who is “up” and enthusiastic about spreading a teaching, it will not be genuine and sustainable unless that person is a genuinely empty vessel. We see this all the time in the entertainment industry, and spiritual teachers are often in that category, like it or no. Someone is telegenic or charismatic, so their brand becomes highly sought after. But if they are not empty, they will quickly become filled with another kind of empty. The kind of empty that causes them to fill up with sex partners, adulation, false advertising, etc. By their fruits ye shall know them.

We don’t like for people to write paragraphs like the above because as I paint that picture, you see yourself in it. For I am actually speaking about everyday people engaged in pursuing their dreams of success. Whether it be on Facebook, church or at a local bar. We are all one and the same.

Jesus got cranky when He talked about the pharisees. I can see why.

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