Rock on!

We need you on this earth; however, we don’t need your persona. Your soul’s work is set before you each morning. Your hands distribute our work to whoever is open to it. Just let the flow of your fingers carry the message into waiting hearts.

You will be receiving more and more energy as you allow us to use your words to shape the emotions of those who read into a more healing energy. That is your gift. Although you have walked through the fire twice and stayed there for many years, you are as fresh as a daisy now. But we would tell you this. Do not betray yourself.

Do not give an inch to ones who would bring you down or overanalyze what you write. Not many are as willing as you to sit at the keyboard and let what unfolds be conveyed to the reader. This takes a degree of trust.

The limelight is not for you. Book sales don’t matter. Personal appearances don’t matter. What matters is that you allow yourself to be a conduit for healing. Not as you might think, but as you actually are.

Relax often and do your simple chores with happiness for you are happiest when you feel safe and secure. It came to you that you were a geologist in another life. If this rings a bell with you, be grateful for this bit of knowledge. You know the earth, not in a scientific way but in a sense that you are of it. Wisdom you impart is very earthy and yet not sensual. It is as if you were a great boulder by a rushing river. You could have been the river but you prefer the stability of the rock.

The Rock of Ages offers shelter. Think about that.



  1. Thank you, Vicki! It was like these words were addressed to me personally, and I greatly appreciate the vision and message!! Namaste xox


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