New Energies

The new energies are pouring in. How do I know this? My mind is very quiet, gliding like an ultra light over Sedona. Looking at red rocks.

On the creeks, little burbles of water enchant the ear while sky is for the eye.

Eagle says to me, “Sister, your arrival is heralded by my presence. I am in my aerie and you are welcome to soar from here to here by my side.

I say to Eagle, “I dreamt of two eagles soaring over a canyon river many years ago. They flew straight through to the other side. A female Indian guide said, “Shhh….don’t tell anyone.” But now I can share this vision.

Your husband flew through first and now you are nearing the end of the illusion. Take heart as you take flight.

I feel honored to fly with Eagle for he knows my name and why I am here.

His feathers enfold me.

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