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Close to me in spirit….

I just made this comment, “Hard to get close to me except in spirit. But once you get close to me in spirit, it’s wow all the way.” I wondered what I meant by that, so I am writing this to see what I write.

I am not interested in personalities. I don’t like using mine; it never seems to work out the way I intend it. But Scorpios are like that. We are nitty-gritty people. And the Virgo side of me is persnickety as heck. That is one reason I can write daily Notes. I don’t let myself make too mistakes. Ah, you’re still reading….

Every now and then someone is drawn to me and I to them. It is always a spirit-led thing; therefore my personality draws back, says “I’m gonna keep my distance, but I’m interested as heck.”

My friend Betty is on hospice care at home. She and I have never met yet we have been soul friends for about 3 years. Why? We both avoid socializing. We prefer truth to lies and simple to complicated. Our emails are always to the point and confirming of the other.

My late friend Peter and I were so close that he appears in my book, Life With A Hole In It. Companions of the spirit we were. The same thing was true for the late John Logan, who mentored me online. Never met him in person either. I have learned much from connecting with people online. We don’t have to use personas; we can skip the chit chat and cut to the chase.

Most social conversations are trivial excuses for getting what you want. But when essence talks, essence listens. And the love is off the charts real.

Some of you are close to me in spirit and some are not. Spirit always goes before us to make the crooked places straight. Smooths out the wrinkles caused by the ego and lights the entrance to the heart’s true home. Such relationships are rare.

Leonard Cohen has learned how to hold thousands upon thousands of people close to him. What he has achieved and is still achieving is the wedding of spirit to matter and have it a joyous consummation. We can all learn from him.

Finding our passion draws our spiritual companions to us; that is one way to recognize them. Through my writing, doors to spiritual friendship have opened. Others have closed against me. That is just how it goes. The plan is bigger than we are; all we can do is surrender to what is. In the meantime, let us cherish our spiritual friends!

Vicki Woodyard
Life With A Hole In It

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