A Guru in the Guest Room

Swami Z up and baked some Oatmeal Walnut cookies and sent them to a lucky reader in California. She was kind enough to send me a photo of them. Here is what she said:

“These are DELICIOUS…I’m sure Z must’ve had His share as he did all that beautiful, precise packaging. Not one crumpled one. Took a photo on an old phone…which has bit the dust. Will post now…but no mug is in it! 😛 We may catch some from dessert time. Seriously…I think you’re onto a new business, but the grateful customers will have to pick up on location otherwise you won’t be able to sell them books fast enuf! xoxo”

She got the only batch, but you can order A Guru in the Guest Room on amazon.com!

Vicki’s other book is Life With A Hole In It. It has 20 five-star ratings on amazon.com.

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