A Note From The Beloved

I got a note from the Beloved today. Surprising, how He gets in touch with us. Actually, it came in two separate notes, but it was from Him. In the first note He threw the Book at me. You know, the “Good One.” He asked me to get out of the house and do things I loved to do. To quit my kvetching about what had gone wrong. He said that anger was great—that I was able to use it to great advantage in my writing. He just wanted the sniveling and the begging to stop.

Since Our Lord said it, I was not offended at all, but rather encouraged. That He would stoop down and touch someone on the shoulder and say, “Look, I need you to do something for me. Write Vicki a little note and tell her that I asked her to do one thing. Use her anger effectively and to quit going over the same old ground, which happens to be her own house. I’m just sayin’” (Thus spaketh the Lord.)

I read that note carefully and consciously. It laid down the law. The law of gratitude. I couldn’t argue with that. Although I am afraid and forsaken, I am grateful that I have known love on the deepest possible level. I don’t have to beg for it. That is His point. Then I got the second note from Him. He used someone else to write it, but it was too synchronistic not to notice.

“Hello Vicki 

Upon reading your note I heard Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” in my head. The message I am getting is put on Leonard Cohen and listen deeply to that song. As you listen create a vision that you love and make your goal to manifest that vision.”

I have been blessed by God to receive Notes from Him when the time is right. I know how to write, but it is time to give it up on a deeper and more powerful level. How this will happen I do not know. But the Man has weighed in. I would be foolish not to listen.

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