The Pages of My Heart

Come take my hand,
There’s a cookie in it.
And in the other hand, my heart.
Both are underwhelming at first.
You might say that looks are
For what appears to be hard and
crispy on the outside
Is soft and melt away within.

Come, turn the pages of my heart.
There’s a story in it.
Shocking at first but alive with grace.
The cracks of sorrow have been filled with light.

I met a little imaginary swami
at some point on my journey….
a “Fig Newton” of my imagination,
you might say….

An iMaculate conception.
Come, take my hand and
meet my little guru in the kitchen
of my soul….

Vicki Woodyard
I am going to read this at a Poetry Evening soon
and share a bit of A Guru in the Guest Room. Would
love for you to order a copy.

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