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“I’m sitting in downtown Boise on a soft evening. Summer’s almost done here but she still shows her glowing backside as she leaves us for the year.

Anyway, I am nudged to open my kindle version of your book Life With A Hole In It. I just want you to know how my spirit says yes, yes, yes to these words…to your beautiful, aweful journey here. I’m taking your book slow, but not because it isn’t worth reading quickly. In fact, it sits quietly in me, calling to the still, formlessness I love so.

Thank you for cracking as you have (and I have, too…which is why your words find such welcome in me) and let the Light shine. That’s all for now. Just thank you.” *Jacob Nordby

Jacob is the author of The Divine Arsonist, a wonderfully intimate look at the path through brokenness to wholeness. I am thinking we should form a collective of authors that dare to reveal their personal journeys warts and all. We have had enough impersonal cutting and pasting of long-dead masters. They have their place, but the caravan moves on.

Life With A Hole In It is a book that will rattle your cage, make you laugh and cry, and hopefully, rouse you from your state of sleep. Order it on amazon or contact me for a pdf version for your Kindle. Even better, I sign and mail copies as well.

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