Light As The Breeze

My book, Life With A Hole In It: That’s How The Light Gets In, was the hardest thing I have ever had to write. You see, the hole was ripped into everything precious I had known this lifetime. Just writing the words brings it all back. For in the akashic records, everything is recorded. Our finest moments, our darkest hours, our soul-shattering falls, our ascensions of grace. All is there pending review once we cast aside these weary bodies and return to ones of light.

Lately I have been mourning my husband as if he just left the planet. So strange. Maybe because I am beginning another 7-year cycle this fall. I feel there is time left for me to write lots and lots more.

Bob loved me since the fourth grade. I was not aware of this until many years later. He described seeing me come down the steps of our grammar school wearing a white blouse and a red skirt and looking like an angel. In fact, he always called me that.

This is a channeled writing from a dear friend. I asked her if she could get in touch with Bob. At her request, she will remain anonymous.

July 29, 2012
“Vicki, love…I am never more than a thought away. If you so much as think of me I am there by your side.

“I am so much bigger now than I was when I was alive…if you only knew what awaits us when we die you would rejoice. I am no longer tied to a body that refuses to function and it is an indescribable blessing. I want you to know I am happy and whole and my love for you is as strong as it ever was.

“We don’t die, Vicki…it was such a joy to realize this. I am still the same; only my physical form has changed. I am whole, happy and smiling. I can’t say this strongly enough because I want you to hear it.

“You think of me as being gone…please don’t allow my absence to imprison you like it has done. I don’t want you to cry for me now. I need you to know that I am happy and everything’s okay. It’s okay to go on with living. Don’t spend your life weeping for what was. It only makes you sadder.

“You don’t need someone else to bring me closer…I am already there with you. Haven’t you felt my arms slide around you when you are still? Haven’t you heard my whispers? This is not just your imagination or the longing of a grieving heart…I AM there. I always have been, and will continue to do so until we are reunited.

“I have never stopped loving you. Always know this. You are my own dear heart.”

Likewise, Bob, likewise.

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