You are helpless against it because you ARE it. You are what? I mean by “it” your whole thought-life which is wrapped up and tied with a bow of self-concern. If you could live the plain brown wrapper life of essence, you would know joy for the first time. But it is not easily given. There must be a lifelong wish to awaken in spite of all odds. And they are great, indeed. The world has such a tenacious toehold on us that we scream in agony day in and day out. The planet is groaning under the weight of such  pain. Drought, unemployment and people assaulting people exacerbates the problem.

Is there a solution? Begin with accepting the truth of who you are and who you are not. I believe that is called surrender. God does the rest and He does it on His schedule. He doesn’t do it until He knows you have finally exhausted yourself. It is then that the arms of heaven enfold you and you know you can go on. You can go on with no more vain attempts to run the show, to control your ego, to maintain a false front. You are vanquished and in that vanquishment comes a flood of light.

I can’t do anything about my life because I equal my life. I am on the same level as the problem. All I need to do is SEE this clearly and surrender happens! Wait for the miracle. It will come.

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  1. When I broke my leg I had to surrender everything. I didn’t have a choice…I couldn’t walk, feed myself, or use the bathroom or shower without help. For an independent person like me, that’s pretty humbling.

    I am helpless against my body’s schedule for healing. I can’t rush it one bit (I mis-typed “bit” as “but”—there have been quite a few of them!) without setting myself back. I have never had to practice patience for so long and I look forward to the day when it becomes second nature. It is an ongoing journey with (some days) gnashing teeth and hair pulled out in clumps. Also lots of thank yous…An odd paradox indeed. 🙂


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