Bulletproof Sky


Right now all I have is my writing. I am shaking the tree of my life hard so that the ripe fruits will fall down. I share them eagerly and earnestly. Only today they are all sour and tasteless. I offer them to you as if they were your own.

You can’t will someone out of a depression. You will only exhaust your own precious resources.

You can’t talk them out of it.

I am depressed because someone I love is depressed. Simple as that and as complicated.

My peaceful inner life is showing signs of wear and tear but that is how the light gets in.

My nuclear family has been shattered by cancer. This has been a fertile breeding ground for depression, anxiety and feelings of unworthiness.

My essence life is alive and well. It is taking these sour fruits and hurling them against the sky.

The sky can take it.

I am the sky.

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