Have you read Life With A Hole In It?

Editorial Reviews  of Vicki’s book, Life With A Hole In It: That’s How The Light Gets In

From the Author

A woman’s personal journey from loss to light, this little book is packed with power and spiritual energy. Moving and funny by turns, the author takes you on a riveting, page-turning journey. She goes from the dark night into the light.

From the Back Cover

“… shines a bold light on one woman’s journey through her husband’s diagnosis and death from cancer and into the domain of a fierce wisdom and awakened heart. Ablaze with light!”Ronda LaRue, Author of Remembering Who You Really Are & The Art of Living Your Destiny!

Vicki Woodyard was faced with the death of her seven year old daughter from cancer. Already on the spiritual path, she deepened her resolve to continue. In 2000, her husband began his fight against a fatal cancer. This book is for those on the spiritual path and those facing loss of any kind. The book moves from diagnosis to the acceptance of her husband’s death and ends with her finding peace with her path. Her writing rings with resolve, humor and peace–an amalgam of what makes the dark night inevitably turn into light.

“This is a book of truth, wisdom and humor. It comes from the bones, not the brain. A magnificent brew. Buy this book! ”

— Mary Margaret Moore, author of I Come as a Brother: The Teachings of Bartholomew.

“Vicki Woodyard is one of those rare souls who can show us all how to turn the charcoal into a diamond through her creativity. Her words can guide us all to a place of healing.”

–Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Faith, Hope & Healing and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul

“Vicki’s unique voice is honest, direct, and spiritually raw.”

–Josh Baran, The Tao of Now

“This book is a treasure house of one woman’s honest and rigorous journey through loss to Oneness. If you, too, are moving towards Now, towards Here, towards Presence–take Vicki’s book with you.”

–Elsa Joy Bailey, Concord, CA

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