Aloha, oy….

It’s weird being away from Facebook; I am trying to get my bearings. Technology is changing so fast that no one can keep up and yet we are wearing the same old emotional bodies we came into the world with. Oh, I know—you can’t step into the same emotional body twice, but it sure as heck feels like it.

I just feel it is time to be with myself much more fully than I can on Facebook, which is quite a feat. The addicted Facebookians are a line of people that would circle the moon and comment on it. (Oh, I like that.) That is what I miss the most about Facebook, for that is where I am used to posting my quirky little stream-of-consciousness ideas. Now I am just pasting them into a file for later use.

I suspect I need to get to work on Book Number 3, but it is hard to overcome the inertia and just jump in and get started. I have 3 books worth of material; a lack of material is not the problem. The problem is that each book takes meticulous editing and an outlay of cash. So far, A Guru in the Guest Room has mainly been sold in paperback.  The Kindle sales are fewer and farther between. You might say they are of moon rock rarity, to keep the moon simile going.

I have been crying a lot. Is it because I miss The Land of Facebook? Not likely; although I miss the camaraderie there, I do not mind getting my full attention back. I am reading a bit more and watching summer go by.

As I said before, I am watching my personal life dry up in front of my eyes. Before long I will need a dry eye remedy, but for now my tears are cleansing what needs to be cleansed. I am hanging with Leonard Cohen, as I said in my earlier post. I have bookmarked Camp Cohen and visit it often. I hope you bookmark my blog and make repeat visits. You can’t “Like”  me but you can sure love me….


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