I have this scribbled on an index card. I wrote it down quickly when someone on TV said it: “You try too hard. Just say ‘I suck!’ The minute you let go, you get better.” Okay. I suck at selling books. I am a shy-violet, hard-core introvert. I have been invited to do a book signing and the very idea paralyzes me. Okay. I suck at signing books. I’m ALREADY better at it, according to this person whose name I can’t remember. I SUCK at remembering names, too. Does that mean I immediately get better at it, Mr. Bloombottom I mean….Mr. Boombutt…I mean Mr. Buttbloomer. Oh, screw sucking at stuff. No, seriously, I suck at anything requiring a personality. I let go of my ego and immediately I get better. I immediately get a sort of pie-in-the-sky enlightenment with CoolWhip Clouds on top and edible underwear on Jesus. Jesus, that was a tacky thing to write. I am just now getting better. Jesus does not, I repeat, does not wear edible underwear. If He did, He would be SuperMegaJesus. I suck.


  1. Loved this! (standing ovation!) THIS is the woman that weaves light words upon which I can sail away in! Thank you! Love it! J


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