This Imperfect World

Dear Friends

My writing arises like steam from healing waters. I dip in and words arise. Some of you must know how I am feeling right now. Like you feel when a change is needed but know you can’t accomplish it. The Secret is a bunch of hooey, in my opinion. The soul is much deeper and richer than the people who thought that one up, although it made a profit for them.

My soul was born to write and it will say what it wants to say. Those of us who are serious about the path get cracked open repeatedly. I am in one of those places now. The road suddenly throws you for a loop and you cannot possibly know what comes next.

I will be writing as I am led to write. Those of you who follow me will follow me. “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” That is found somewhere in the Bible, probably in the Book of Job.

Nonduality is becoming rife with overly intellectual people who are obsessed with perfection. No one is allowed to be honest about their daily lives; all they do is preach unity while being amazingly indifferent to suffering. Suffering is fierce grace, as Ram Dass says and knows. I know that, too.

Here is a quote from Leonard Cohen, shared by Tim Goulding:

“We live in a world that is not perfectible, a world that always presents you with a sense of something undone, something missing, something hurting, and something irritating. From that minor sense of discomfort to torture and poverty and murder, we live in that kind of universe. The wound that does not heal—this human predicament is a predicament that does not perfect itself. But there is the consolation of no exit, the consolation that this is what you’re stuck with. Rather than the consolation of healing the wound, of finding the right kind of medical attention or the right kind of religion, there is a certain wisdom of no exit: this is our human predicament and the only consolation is embracing it. It is our situation, and the only consolation is the full embrace of that reality.”

~Leonard Cohen

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