Life With A Hole In It

Life With A Hole In It was featured on Victor Zammit’s Friday Afterlife Report today. He reaches many, many people and I am grateful to him for the exposure. People who are grieving the loss of a loved one are seeking solace and peace. I try to give that in my book, written some ten years after going through my  husband’s fatal cancer. May he be at peace. May we all be at peace in the midst of our griefs and losses. One day at a time is sometimes too much to ask. Then we must let go of our own rope so that we can grasp the rope of The Work, which is esoteric Christianity.

I have been going through a rocky time myself lately and I appreciate any little ray of hope that I can get. Just to let in a moment of awareness is to heal the universal consciousness in that moment. A little counts for a lot. And love is infiltrating and healing the strongest of fears and losses.

To say the words of the Kwan Yin vow is powerful medicine for the soul. Try it.

“I vow to relieve the suffering of all sentient beings.”

The vow is the how.

*You may order Life With A Hole In It here.

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