A Change Is Comin’….

When I am not fulfilling my calling I am miserable. And most of the time I am not fulfilling it. You are the same way. I am called to write and keep my energy field positively charged.  When I do this, I serve my highest function as a gatekeeper to higher worlds.

Just to open up a blank page is to invite myself back on the road to my calling. The highway unfurls in front of me like there was no tomorrow, no yesterday, only now.

I am off on the adventure of writing with purpose. To do this, I must ditch my rational mind, so soon I turn off the interstate onto a surface road that will lead me smack into the mystery. Who am I and where am I going off course?

Of course I am off course! This is the hypnotized state of all humanity. The cries of the Christed Ones are going unheard. We are too busy maxing out our charge cards to stop and listen.

Some of you are riding in the car with me. You are responding to what I am typing.  These days we are waking up faster than usual. We are being cued to say our lines faster, without so much premeditation. “Snap to it, git-r-done.”

Once we get to where we are going, things will change in a big way. It will be like a Saturday night barn dance. We will be changing partners and do-si-do-ing with higher energies brought to bear on our bodies. The title, “No Mind, I am the Self” comes to mind. But whose mind? It is becoming trendy to say “Who am I” without following through to the ultimate answer. Don’t ask me what it is. I don’t know.

“I don’t know” is a perfectly good mantra. I don’t know why I wrote this Note but I don’t need to find out, as it will unfold on its own. Like a life raft that dramatically inflates, it will suddenly rise up and carry me down a new river of life.

They used to talk about white stones and new names. I think that just means a change is comin’…and it’s all good.


  1. Hey Vicki…not sure what the reference to “white stones” means, but you ROCK! Clueless seems to be the new normal (in my reality, anyway) so your words totally resonate. I too have no idea where I’m going. The only thing I feel sure of is that something big is happening. Something much bigger than me. I have no idea what it is (absolutely clueless) but it comforts me to know that others feel it too. The lyrics to that old CSN song run through my mind, “There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…” I agree that a change is comin.’ Thank you for your brave and honest voice! I am happy to be riding in the car with you. xo


  2. Consciousness is taking us in a new direction, but it is never one way. Just when you think you have it figured out, you have to turn around and retrace an old road. That takes patience and humility, which most of us lack to a certain extent 😉


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