Training Wheels

Robert Bly once said, of growing older: “I was very surprised to
find out, as my poems pick up more and more of the past of
human beings, the ancient culture, more and more of the grief
and the suffering of human beings — the poems become funnier!
I don’t understand that, but I love it. I feel that there’s some way
that as the mind gets more mature, in the midst of a lot of grief,
it’s able to dance a little!” From Nonduality Highlights, Gloria Lee
4464 – Monday, December 26, 2011 – Editor: Gloria Lee
The Nonduality Highlights –  

Words Are Training Wheels

Words are training wheels.
A young soul needs them studying
books of philosophy and such.
It becomes too much
so one fine day
the training wheels come off
and whee! comes into play.
The void awaits on roller skates
it hurls you into outer space
and words are just the things you
needed until you didn’t anymore.

~Vicki Woodyard

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