The Life of a Spiritual Hermit

I am going to be on Fred Davis’ Awakening Clarity blog as a guest teacher next week and he has just added some of my quotes to his blog. Fred and I have something in common; we prefer the hermit life. By the toss of the genetic dice, hermits are born for solitude. One who takes to the path of awakening gets a double dose of this love of solitude. We understand the desert fathers.

I chose a teacher that made it clear that awakening is not something for public consumption. It is done in private and does not require a single social element. We work alongside each other but in silent awareness. This silent awareness speaks through one’s energy. Mine happens to be more effective when I am alone. With people, I am not free to declare my intention of being present. Chit chat does not deliver the goods.

Writing is something that allows me to communicate the energy of awakening without the need to yammer. There is enough of that as it is. People are yammering into their iphones nonstop. The digital age is upon us and soon genetic introversion will be bred out of the species. At that point we will be born wired and die yammering.

Not me.


  1. When you are sleeping in sheds/As if the wings of dove were covered silver/And its feathers fine gold Psalm 68


  2. Vicki, I’m with you on this, feel the same. Love to dive deep beneath the (yammering) surface of life, and see what’s Obvious. Here, now, everywhere. Alone but never lonely. It does seem to be a natural genetic preference and not a conscious choice..


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