Nondually Flawed

I have a fatal flaw; I am human. And no matter how many nondualists are dancing on the head of a pin, they are flawed as well. The argument of their nonstop clarity and purity holds no water. As someone said, “We are the fallen people.” If you care to argue that statement, just monitor your mind for a few days. Even a few moments will do.

“The doctor is on time. Fancy that. The idiot doesn’t remember that he asked to see my X-rays and I made a special trip to procure them. So now I have to wait while he mumbles at the nurse to get them. And he comes back in with this silly expression that telegraphs, “Don’t waste my time.” I say to him, “You remind me of Dr. Spaceman on 30 Rock” and he sniffs, “I don’t watch much TV.” He hands me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and says, “For goodness sakes, stop taking it if it makes you sick.” Yeah, Mister Doctor Spaceman.

My teacher taught enlightenment from the dark side of the moon. He shone his beam of awareness in the basement until the nasty little fiends stood there trembling in fear. I oughta know; I was one of them. I had a sarcastic little self that was selfish, pushy and terrified. Thankfully, everyone else did, too. So I was not alone.

My teacher went to his death without divulging a single spiritual experience to us. I am so grateful for that.

Vicki Woodyard


  1. I also had a spiritual teacher who only revealed the following:

    He had climbed a wall and over the wall was a magnificent garden. Rather than
    partake of the beauty and grandeur of the garden by himself -he returned
    and tell others about it. He was a psychotherapist at that time and had a large practice..

    The Light is very bright.

    Viki dear – it is a different time and a different generation. Some say there has been a paradigm shift. Past ways no longer apply. Just not to throw out the baby with the bath water. <3


  2. I would never throw the baby out with the bathwater; I would kiss his little toes. My personal paradigm shift has been to see deeply that pedestals are meant for statues and that virtual enlightened beings are to be accepted with a large grain of salt.


  3. Non duality is the flower of spirituality. There is no direct route to it. It is a question of the quality of Being. If it is ripe for the moment. Or not. Jiddu and Ramana expressed it most effectively and stopped at a point where further elaboration is obscene. Not all have their clarity. The other goner’s clan claims a feast, but one sees only leaves. If somebody sees it otherwise, well and good. Please go ahead. If you can ward off discipline, it is not a taboo. It is only questionable. That too from a personal point of view. The true one writes fiction and knows and sees it as fiction. But the false ones are enveloped in self- deception and lives a fiction as if it were a real thing. Whom are they deceiving? Lord, themselves! So another show of tents, audience and circus.


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