Tomorrow Is a Song from "Annie"

From the Desk of Swami Z

While Vicki is gone, I will make occasional appearances. See the essay below that I received from her.

Swami and I sat in the kitchen, me resting from my insane desire to ingest more sugar.

“What is this weight gain about?” I asked. “My self-control went out the window about Halloween and now here it is post-Easter and I have packed the pounds on.”

He looked at me scornfully, snickering into his tea, which had a curl of steam rising off of it. “First you have a Self,” he said, and then you bring in another self to control it. That would be your ego. It is your ego that loves sugar, makes you eat it, feel guilty about it and then try to control your weight. Sheesh!”

I rolled my eyes, one of the few things that wasn’t fat about me. “Now that I have brought all of these selves in, what am I to do about them?” I wailed. “Like the fat, they are clinging to me like there is no tomorrow.” I should never have said the word tomorrow.That is one of Swami’s “Don’t get me started” words.

“Tomorrow,” he sniffed. “Don’t get me started. (But sadly, I had.) “Tomorrow is a song from “Annie.” It has no reality. And neither do any of your fat little selves.

He left the room as if on the way to a fire.

Hours later he came back in, picking up right where he left off. Your true self is weightless. Once you figure that out, you’ll be floating on air. He did just that, winked at me, and descended gently back into his chair. “How’s that for a little levity?” he asked.

“I am writing you, so you should know how that is. It’s like giving birth to oneself and naming it a million different things. You are truly all over the map. Some say you are visiting them while they sleep. Is that true?”

“I am with you always. How can it be otherwise? Surely they must be visiting ME.” Swami is always right. He has never left me. And that is the direction in which this essay is going.

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