The Swami Z Store

Dear Readers,

I am putting the link to The Swami Z Store here.

I am hoping that you will order A Guru in the Guest Room in paperback at the link above. Many of you have read my first book, Life With A Hole In It, which is available on I wrote A Guru in the Guest Room at the same time. Now I have two books that came out of “the dying years” with my beloved Bob. Swami Z took birth to lead me into healing—into seeing that the spark of love and humor in me could not be destroyed. And so I present him to the public now. I feel that those who are attracted to the energy of this book will find it enormously appealing. That is my prayer.


No one is ordering A Guru in the Guest Room. Such a shame. These are companion books in a very interesting sense. I have them both where I can see them now as a gift I gave myself. One day people will discover what I mean. Love was scattering crumbs of laughter as I wept along a troubled road.

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