A Guru in the Guest Room on Kindle

My new book, A Guru in the Guest Room, can be ordered on Kindle and Smashwords now! Soon it will be on
Nook and in paperback from CreateSpace.

Those of you who prefer ereaders are lucky; it will appear there first, with the paperback to follow within
the week. I’ll let you know.

Here is a review:

A Guru in the Guest Room is a collection of writings by Vicki
Woodyard about her fictional housemate, Swami Z, and a small
cast of characters including Vicki herself, who attend satsangs, and
even satsnag, with Swami Z.

Like the movie actor in The Purple Rose of Cairo who stepped
out of the movie screen and into the real world, Swami Z steps out
of the book:

“Enlightenment should be fun. It should elate you; if
nothing else, it should elevate you,” he went on. “Vicki has a
good sense of humor when she writes about me, but when she
leaves the computer, she forgets how funny being human is.
She mopes around with the best of them.”

And although Swami Z has a cookie habit that “would sicken
more than it would heal,” this cookie dough that is A Guru In The
Guest Room
consists of humor, wisdom, and cool chips of reality.
But, Vicki points out, “Cookie-making is a messy thing. I swear we
have sugar rings in the bathtub.”

Thanks to that messiness there is lots of life in this book along
with the never-blinking eye of wisdom, including the eye painted
onto Ruin, a stick pony that some say is the true Guru in the book.
Who is the true Guru? What was Swami Z’s response to Vicki’s
question, Who am I? Did Larry really sell Ruin on eBay? What
does it mean to chew the scenery instead of the cookies?

Who knows? Who cares? Maybe it’s all about what Vicki calls
her direct path: “Loving the script and the characters.” In this case,
one of the characters in this book is one of the greatest fictional
Gurus in history. I’m just not saying which one.

Jerry Katz, Nonduality.com, Editor: One-Essential Writings On

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