The Film Is In The Can

The Film Is In The Can

I am reminding myself that the film is in the can; there is no free will. Every act is an unspooling of the infinite. As long as we sleep, it feels so real. But as we awaken to the unalterable fact that there is no free will, grace begins to seep in around the edges of the crusty old ego, the old man.

Those that would debate this are coming from the mental level and not the heart. The mind does not rule the world. Never has, never will. What it does do is keep us in confusion amid the opposites.

Above the opposites freedom rings. As Leonard Cohen, the beloved musical guru says, “Ring the bells that still can ring.” And we all know he is not referring to any music notes of the head.

Inspiration is from the heart to the heart.

Namaste. Enjoy the show.

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