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Not many people are clicking on my book page. I really need some orders, if anyone is in the mood to buy it. I have now gotten twenty 5-star reviews on Here is a random review:

“…after reading this book I felt like the author had reached inside me and placed a string of colored lights around my heart, as she took me on a journey from the hilarious to the grim to the devastation of the desert, then back again, like a fellow sojourner on an intimate, inexplicable and necessary journey. This is an excellent book, full of sharing and humor, desperation, hope and love. The honesty is deafening. Finally a recognition of pain as part of the nondual tool kit and the acquired wisdom of how it can be used! This author KNOWS.” Abigail S.

I don’t know of anyone who has bought it that hasn’t said it is indeed a book that grabs you and won’t let go….

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Let me know how you like it.
Love, Vicki

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