The Other Side

The other side will always be a mystery while we are here on earth. We are born into a world in which we will depart sans body, sans everything but love. As we watch our loved ones leave before we do, much grief arises within the purity of the soul. For the soul feels abandoned and bereft. Almost no one escapes deep grief at some point in their soul’s journey.

I have been through the process twice and am realizing that the only living connection I have is with the Self. All others are mere shadows, for the Self is all there is. What we are mourning is the act of loving and being loved. In truth, love is all we are and each act of grief can return us to our True Self. That is happening to me, for I am seeing my own Self as a mirror and a window on the infinite.

As I see through the glass more and more clearly, I have a deeper wish to practice self-kindness. I have spent a lifetime letting others dictate my feelings when I know this is the wrong path to walk. Awakening is learning to honor the soul’s inclinations to be true to oneself.

My life is tending towards solitude as I explore this great lesson. Even though I am the Self alone, others are as well. The great mystery is how we are drawn together with like-minded beings when it is necessary. I look at the trend of my inner work these days and it all leans towards the Self. No matter what is happening, it is all working together for good, for healing of the inner split.

I have felt the presence of my late husband Bob. I have had people in tune with the other side say that my friend Peter is with me, that my late daughter Laurie is around me whenever I need her. I am not wired to get messages from the other side except in dreams, but others that can “see” relay messages to me. My friend Betty does this; our relationship happened because we are mirrors for each other. It is a soul-created friendship. Otherwise, I am alone most of the time. This gives me time to write. My words arise from the Mystery. I am learning to trust it more and more.

My book is LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT:That’s How The Light Gets In.

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