Like Buttah….

“This is my life. It belongs to love. This is my love; it belongs to life.”

Yes, those are the words that came to me this morning. Woke up with a slight neck ache. Decided to give myself over to love today. Not trying to work, not trying to get organized, not trying to do anything. Being doesn’t try. Being is what breaks through trying!

Yesterday an old friend from a past life got in touch with me via email. I realized how far I have come. I have journeyed from the intellect to the heart. Now I must trust the journey. I often don’t. I find myself back in my headbone wrasslin’ with the alligators in the swamp of thought.

This old friend said to me simply and honestly that he loved me. His exact words were, “I can say I love you and I am sure you understand.” He allowed me to look into the mirror of myself and see only love. It’s that simple and that rare.

Love is awareness and awareness is love. Never think they are separate. Neither has our name on it, for names and forms melt away in this state. It’s like buttah….

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