X Marks The Spot

I have had two fascinating conversations with a man that attended Vernon Howard classes at the same time that Bob and I did. Twenty years have gone by but in the timeless state that is no concern. I get tired of people ranting about that, so I like to give examples. Set the stage: Vernon was alive and well and the classes he taught were electrifying. Everyone there was drawn to that particular space/time continuum. My late husband, Bob, found a copy of one of Vernon’s books. I ordered one of his tapes (yes, it was in the 80’s!) This man had heard of him in his own unique way.

Every year there was a giant yard sale to raise money for the group. One year I flew in from Atlanta and he came in from where he lived. We knew each other only as visitors helping out at the sale. Then Vernon got sick and died. The group split into factions, as it happens after a powerful teacher dies. I went with one group; this man left altogether.

A few days ago I hear from him via an email. He has seen my website and wonders if I am the Vicki he met at the yard sale. “Yes,” was all I had to say and we ended up having a phone conversation. Now this is where it all gets weird if you are still thinking of events as being linear. I had dreamt of my friend David the week before; only in this dream David had a decidedly olive complexion. Then the man called me and I KNEW his was the face in my dream.

We were able to share our memories of what went on there so many years ago. We both feel that everything is already planned on the causal level before it is precipitated down into space/time and earthly meetings. Our friendship was ordained on high. Make no mistake about it. It is platonic; let’s get that out of the way.

There is a reason souls meet down here on the big blue you-know-what (I try to avoid cliches). It is to advance the souls involved, especially if they are already on the path. Then a quick start can be made. We can ask, “Why were we drawn together suddenly. Is it time to reconnect for a reason? Can we have the courage to remain open and let the next step reveal itself?

You see, when God is ordaining what happens, the ego cannot possibly stop it from happening. As my friend John Ramsey said, “The universe is idiot-proofed.” So I am greatly encouraged by the two of us meeting up after so many years. It’s all good. Blessings pressed down and running over when ordained by heaven. All we do is wait. It’s like…well, you know…”buttah.”

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